Hi Dani web members
I have built 2 websites
I want to drive traffic to it but i'm very confused i found a lot of companies that provide this kind of services and it is difficult to choose one of it without experience and with a modest budget.
Any real suggestion based on experience ?

Use social media ... Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote your articles for free. Once you learn which articles tend to go more viral than others, you will begin to recognize which articles are worth paying to promote on Facebook.

Thanks Dani

Content marketing like blogging, press releases and sharing in social media can help to increase the traffic of a website. Also this would take time in getting consistent unique visitors.

You're right!
Thanks mindstreak

You can use Social Media sites like- Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linked In and so on. In order to drive good traffic you must use good content as well to attract more traffic for you websites. Also you can off page strategies as well like- Article submission, Forum posting, blog commenting. This will help you to get lot's off traffic and visitors.

Everything depends on where your target market lives. Off course they may be on facebook, twitter, Google+, or any other specific community based site. You can go for banner advertising, PPC or email campaign as well. Again it depends on your target market, budget and strategy for marketing medium/channel.

Blogging is a good way to get traffic. You go to other blogs and post comments in that section. I like this way because I get to know my prospects. It's called warm traffic. Solo ads are known as cold traffic as you never get a chance to know your traffic and you need a budget to spend on them. Social media is the best. This page has a social media buttons on it. Send a tweet for DaniWeb.

Just follow these steps to get high traffic..

Do social media postings
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Methods to drive traffic are
Social media advertising
Promote content using social media
Target long-tail keywords
Guest blogging

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