Is There Still a Place for High Quality Guest Blogging?

Here's Everything You Need to Know

Yup, I read that article the other day.

I think that high quality blogs still serve their purpose, but I have never advocated guest blogging as an SEO strategy and I still don't. I think that, more often than not, they just come off as spam or advertorials.

I know I'm just one opinion, but my personal opinion is that the answer to your question is no, there isn't still a place for high quality guest blogging. If for no other reason than the spammers ruined it for everyone, because now Google will just equally flag all guest blogs and put them into the same bucket.

Yes we have read the article and it looks like Guest posting has become Poision links for all of us.

Ofcourse, nice information about seo recent techniques.thanks

Latest updates about Guest post, but i think it doesn't effect on our SEO ya if we can do too much posting, then it will effective otherwise it will not more effective for us.

I have read it yet , but know i think that it will not effect so badly on seo activities. HOPEFULLY.....

Yes vey much so

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