i recently got 1000 links from over 800 domains in a short period of time resulting in my rankings for a client website falling from page 1 to page 2
i was probably the victim of a negative seo attack by competitors or people doing seo for competitors of my client
i have used the disavow link
but i am wondering is there a way to access the disavow tool directly from google webmaster tools
currently i type disavow tool in google & then go to the first google plage
i also want to know if it is good practise if i submit these spammy links to the other sites i am have incase someone attacks the sites with the links
i would also like to know how a person is able to put over 1000 links of a website in a few days

Well, nope I don't think you can get over to the disavow tool directly from the webmaster tool until or unless you are under the penatly thing you will not see the disavow tool, you need to head over to the Google Disavow tool, i.e. either by searching over the Google or if you know the link of the Google Disavow Tool then you can head over their directly

I'd suggest you to manually go for the link removal by contacting the webmasters through email or call - whichever works with you. I have been working with the Disavow tool for one of my clients but it takes longer than expected, the link removal process using the tool is quite slow whilst contacting the webmasters directly and requesting the link removal is quite effective.

Let me know if you have any queries.


Once it was accessible from Google Webmaster tool but nowadays we can reach through Google Search only. They have removed the direct linked page from Webmaster navigational area.

I don't recommend you to directly head over to Google Disavow Tool. First you should manually try to remove any bad link. You can write to webmaster and ask them to remove. Use Google Disavow tool only when you have no other option left.

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