Can any one tell me How to get massive traffic on your website

What kind of website is it ? How massive do you want the traffic to be ? What's your budget ?

massive traffic is not always the best. If you do not meet your target group, the traffic will be useless. Traffic costs bandwidth and if there is too much of traffic, your hosting company may either charge you some money or shut down your account.
Massive trafffic, well invite some good bots such as google. They create you some fake traffic, but of course no use really. My advice is to go after quality traffic, about the visitors that can be useful to what ever you sell or service.

I agree with Peter. In most normal cases, you'd likely prefer to seek the largest volume of qualified human visitors possible. They have a much greater market value than tons and tons of random Internet noise. By qualified visitor I mean one who is in fact interested in visiting your web page. One way to acquire those is to rank your web pages highly in the search engine results pages for specific, targeted keyword phrases. Another way is from deploying social media campaigns for your business ... those are the kind of visitors that make your telephone ring.

First of all try to make popular your site and for that social media optimization is best thing to do with seo efforts.

there are many ways, i recommend you to use linkedin, iuses it for my website since past 2 month and that increased my website visibilty alot

Write excellent original content, appropriate to the site purpose
displayed in perfect validated code.
tell about it in subject appropriate social media, with links.
get linked back to

if you want to get heavy traffic without doing any work than go for black hat seo

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