We know that there has a subtle difference between Link-Building and Link-Earning. What is that? Could you explain it with your experience, please?

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Link building is the process of increasing the number of quality backlinks to a webapge where as link earning is the process of creating epic content that is engaging enough and which make people to naturally link to it.

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Nice Ashley, Little bit more.. Actually I need to know about them which are going to provide the terms of link-earning. I can understand that, I'm going to earn links.

Link earning some what new to me. like craeting meme, infographics, funny video and gif?

Thanks for the info @bijutoha

Link earning is, a relatively newly coined term in the SE chatsphere, to differentiate between
making zero value blog posts, and,
epic content that is engaging enough and which make people to naturally link to it. (Ⓒ Ashley_8)

content is king,
blog links approach zero in value
funny .gifs, memes, zero value if the site is about anything else but humour
content & intent of the site need be related

Going to steal that, apt, description for future use, Thanks Ashley

Bothers me, always, many signature blocks advertise, post content suggests the person should not be doing

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According to my experience,

1)The process of getting all kinds of links is called link building

2)ALL those links which gives benfite to us. Users like these types of links because these links look like awesome with good quality. Users share these links due to the Good quality.These links is very benefitial for any site and These types of link is called link Earning.

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