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Can any one tell me how to get ranking for a perticular keywords?
Client given me me some keywords, I should get ranking for only those keywords? How can I get that?
Actually I am getting ranking for other keywords which are not suggest by my client.

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May be client has given you the competitive keywords to rank and you're ranking for the long tail keywords. If this is the case, try to build backlinks from good resources related to your niche.

Update meta tags of your targeted pages and place targeted keywords in the very beginning of the title. Write web page content highlighting these keywords and put informative content in web pages which will acquire more natural backlinks.

Also see how can you outrank currently ranked pages from Google first page. Analyse all the 10 websites which are ranking now and see how can you improve the user experience and hence improve your website visibility online.

Points to note:

Say NO to poor linkbuilding.

Build only quality links.

Write QUALITY content and share on blogs, social media to get natural likes, share, backlinks etc.

Be consistent with NAP (Name , Address, Phone) across the web.


Please also clear me one more doubt
Can I get my website in 1st position of google, in 1 month?


Check your content, try to craete some High Quality Inbound Links for that Webpage. try to use Keyword Anchor text for inbound link.

create 2 0r 3 niche related web 2.0 post some unique post and point that page to your keyword.

Analyze or compare with other keywords and if you missed anything and just add those on this keyword too.

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