Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing a big problem with my website where Google has not been listing many of its pages. This problem has only occurred in the last year or two as previously if i added any new content Google will list these new pages within a few hours.

I know that Google have been trawling my website as they have been adding some pages but not all of the pages which I find strange. There maybe thousands of pages that have not been listed so far and this continues to be a big problem.

I have also recently received a message from Google saying that they are penalizing the website for what they describe as links that do not fall between their firm guidelines.

I believe that the problem with Google not listing pages from my website occured a long while before we received this message from Google.

Does anyone know what can be done about this problem? And what can be done to fix this issue?

Any help would be most welcome.

Many thanks.

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Have you tried to contact Google to appeal this...assuming that they penalized you in error? Or at least so that you can explain yourself to Google and let them know that you unaware that you were not within their guidelines?

You need to fix everything that might potentially be an issue, and then file a Reconsideration Request within Google Webmaster Tools.

Hi JorgeM,

How would I got about doing this? Contacting Google to explain myself. I have only ever hired White Hat SEO companies so I was shocked to receive their message explaining that these links were not within their guidelines.

Hi Dani,

My SEO company have written to all the websites where these bad links are and asked them to remove them. They have now contacted Google and we are awaiting a reply.

Do you know how long this process usually takes?

And could Google penalizing these bad links be the reason why they are not listing many of my web pages?

As i have stated before they list some but not others even in the same section. For example they will list one news article but not list the one below it etc

Many thanks.

Here is a direct link to Google's Reconsideration requests help page.


Process for reconsideration... From your Webmasters account..

Request reconsideration of your site:

Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
Make sure you have added and verified the site you want reconsidered.
Request reconsideration of your site.

How long can this take?

They dont speficy a time frame.

Hi JorgeM,

Thanks very much for these two links and for all your help too.

Could this be the reason why Google are not listing many of my pages? As I explained before it is listing some pages for example news articles and is not listing other news articles despite them being the same level of quality original content.

Many thanks.

Now-a-days google is fixing number of clause if google will catch your site in negative way and i am agreed with JorgeM

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