Can any one tell how can I get top ranking with in a month?
What SEO technique I should use?

Look for articles like these: google ranking factors
these will tell you what factors SEO experts THINK are important. From those you can see where to best spend your time, effort and, possibly, money.
But, you won't get to top position in a month unless you are competing for specific, rare keywords.
these questions get asked on forums all the time and the simple answer is, if it were that easy everyone would do it.

If you are optimizing for a low competition keyword, then it is possible but for a competitive keyword its not possible. You must do the hard work patiently.

Its not so easy to bring the websites in top ranking position. Need to do proper SEO works. Content is the most important factor in SERP. On page optimization should be perfect. Use long tail keywords. Choose low competition keywords. Gain good backlinks. Then your site can get good ranking.

It's depend on your keyword. If your keyword has high search volume then you won't be ranked to the top position within 1 month. If your keyword search volume is low then you may get ranked within 1 month.

In a month? No way.

There is no magical cup to bring you site in determined rank within time frame decided by you because there arer several factors that decide the rank. Domain age and conversion rate are also there, so there are no gimics. Folow up a healthy stratgey for consistent imporvement.

There's not a magic formula regarding how to achieve top ranking within a month. Think about that for a while, the websites that are on the first page didn't get there overnight, so it takes them months and months of intense marketing. So you cannot just expect that you'll be able to outrank them all and get to the top within a short period of time.

rewrite the question this way

"How do I get to be the top selling car company in one month"

and you may notice how unreasonable the supposition behind the question is

IF a new car company opened up, ity would not only have to be better than the others, it would also have to overcome the entrenched users of the existing companies, who will not change no matter how good the new product is

this thread read me before you ask for review code compliant sites rank higher in ser discusses the basic steps to getting better SER

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In a month? If your keyword doesn't have any competition then it's possible. Or you can achieve it with black hat techniques though the result will stay at the best position only for few days/weeks. I have read several articles on SEO ranking strategies. Here are three links that I think you would find helpful:


Its too tough to Rank on a Month. but we may try by the following steps.

Best Content may help rank soon. use Long Tail Keywords and Try to Create High PA, DA, DA In bound links to your site.

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Well firstly you need to ask yourself if its possibel at all. Deeply research your competitors and see how far from them you are. However, one month is a short period of time if the competition is high and if you would still decide to try, it would require taking lots of activities in action, I would suggest those ones:

1) Guest blogging
2) Link building (through social media, blogs, link brokers maybe?)
3) Hiring a SEO company that will also work on that
4) Concnetrating on SEO while adding content to your website
5) Creating landing pages/WordPress themes

It is very difficult to get top ranking with in a month.or if the comptative keyword are not there then your website come on top with in a month.

Target Low competitive keyword and do guest blogging as well as inforgraphic.

Depend on Keyword traffic. If the keyword is more Competitive then it will hard to get rank well soon in search engine.

To get a top ranking within a month, you should be focusing on a low competiitve keyword (most of them are long tail keywords). Take advantage of the low competitive keyword by using that to your Youtube videos, press releases, Web 2.0 properties and more. Guest blogging would also help as well, as long the owner's blog is in good reputation and influenced several readers.

I don't think you could do this properly in a month.

You really need to put in a lot of effor to achieve this feat in a month. You will have to optimize your keywords. Use more of longtail keywords that will give you better ranking.

It takes several months of work to achieve a good ranking in Google. You might be able to do it in a couple of months but that is unlikely. You want to stay away from blackhat techniques which can be quicker but will get your site penalized and blacklisted. First you need a website which is professional, clean, mobile responsive, attractive and easily navigable for the user. Make sure you have good content that users will find helpful and add to your content continuously. A blog is helpful. Then do the proper onsite optimization with meta-tags, alt-tags on your images, and keyword density. Get a Google My business page. Also you may want other social media Facebook, Pinterest,Linked In, and Twitter are good for a start.

You can build some citations to your site for local search. Try Whitespark's list or Woorank's recommended list of good listings for local search.

Focusing on a highly searched keyword and building the link in high quality sites will make you to rank in top pages but not within a month. It will take some months (may be two or three months).

its very possible. use social media sites and every day do 100 pages and in a month u will be on the first opage

By targeting low competitive keyword.

SEO is a long term process and it takes a lot of time and efforts. But trust me it'll pay off.
If you're thinking about to fast the process, then it's depend on your domain age and authority. I wouldn't suggest you to speed up the process if your site is new.

Target low to medium competition keyword and then do guest blogging, social bookmarking and blog commenting to come to the first page of Google.