what are the valuable steps to get serp ranking?

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onpage seo with the following
-meta description
-h1- h6
alt & title attributes on all images
-title on all website links
-loads of quality orginal content focused on a specific keyword

offpage seo
-links from relavant websites
-google webmaster tools
-google analytics
-bing webmaster tools

Blog submission, blog commenting,
Article submission ,
Google webmaster tools and other SEO tools.

ok fine....is this are the steps that is enough for serp ranking or something else is there

dramos and anshuera.....nice work done

these are the techniques which can help you :-
1.Keyword Research
2.Meta Data
4.New Content
5.Link Building

1). Set revelent keywords for website.
2). Create fresh content for submisions and metatags.
3). Then set metatags for on-page seo.
4). Then start to doing off-page submissions like bookmarking, forums, blog commenting, article submissions, etc.
5). Create quality backlinks or do submissions on high pr websites.

keyword research

Proper onpage as well as Off page optimizations.

As per my concern, you should to do first of all On page and then after Off page SEO to get Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking.
In On page you should to do insert genuine meta tags, thematic and genuine content, Use proper all tags like canonical, H1, H2, H3... H6, Alt tag in images, insert meta tags on all pages.
In Off page you can do Directory, SBM, Article, Press release, PDF, Classified, Web 2.0, Link building, image sharing, blog submission, forums.

onpage and offpage submissions is must...

Quality backlinks from the high PR websites.

I would like to add that is good practice to name files according to keywords relevant to your website. For example, if you are selling shoes, name images something like 'red-lace-black-sneaker.png' and give them description, alt and/or title, name pages similar: 'running-shoes.html' etc.

Use one H1 tag per page, backlinks from proven websites is a must...

Traffic, Visitors And quality Back links for the website


If you want to see your site in SERP ranking, then you should to follow all On page and Off page SEO techniques as per Google guidelines. Don't ever try to use over optimization and don't put duplicate content on your site.
Put new, unique, genuine and user friendly content on your site.

You need to do Google, Panda and Penguin penalty free optimization. Your SERP and PR will increase as well.


can you explain Google, Panda and Penguin penalty free optimization. I mean how we can do that thing please let me know the proper answer.

Awaiting for your reply.

Firstly analyse your website and see the onpage is complete or not, see cananical issue,url mapping,metas and so on.
After that start promotion then definately see the result.

Yup, all of the above. It's been said a million times and ppl still ask everyday.

Most important is the links. No links, no rank.

They are tough to get though. Personally, I outsource my link building. I've had very good
luck with the service I signed up with.

Also important points:
1) Website HTML markup structure, properly used tags for good website crawling (ON-page seo)
2) Website Load speed (images size optimizations with intended tools, sql queries, cache etc.) You can easily find tools to speed up your website.
3) Robots.txt file

by link building,forum posting,article submission,blog posting,blog commenting

In addition to what stated above, Google loves webpages that are content-rich, that's why writing/posting article is a must to rank in the SERP.

Do onpage and offpage techniques unique and different according to latest updates to get SERP ranking.
ONPAGE :meta descriptions,tags,content,keywords etc.
OFFPAGE:links exchanging with relevant sites,Google anlytics,sitemap etc.

improve our quality back link...

SEO and SMO both is important

SERP ranking is fully depend upon the content in your website, and we also need to back up of effective On page SEO techniques. The Keywords which you want to rank on Google must be in your content of the website. then you will get High ranking on SERP. I'm having the experience for the same.

Provide unique and quality content, also you must have good back links but if you want to rise for short period of time you might be using Black Hat SEO which is not recommended

I agree with all the above SEO tips. However some quality backlinks are necessary to the website for better SERP. Am doing Off page SEO for my site since few days and am seeing bit improvement in SERP.

Quality backlinks from the high PR website and onpage and offpage submissions is must.

Proper on-page & off-page SEO should be done.
Write unique, informative, semantic content.
Do submissions on high quality websites.

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