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There's a misconception floating around the market that simply paying for Google ads is enough to provide your website with good quality and quantity of traffic. However, this is nothing more than a myth; just like SEO, even with ads campaign, there are several factors that you are required to consider in order to achieve the desired goals. The advice I am going to provide you is based on my personal experience and has worked wonders for me. So, I am a bit confident when I say that the tips that I am going to mention are some of the best advice that anyone could provide you with:

Ensure you are implementing an effective bidding strategy: Optimizing the bits is the first step toward success. You may be convinced that changing the budget of the ineffective campaign can provide you with a better ROI, but trust me, modifying your bid strategy is a better practical approach. Methods like CPA (cost-per-acquisition), and ROAS (return-on-ad-spend), make an automated utilization of your bids and adjust them as per the requirement.

Focus on SEO first: When I say that SEO is the king, I am not simply shooting arrows in the dark. This is a strong statement, and I have a good reason to support it. No matter how much funds you spend on Google AdWords, if the crawlers won't be able to crawl your website correctly, it is just a gamble. Since we are focusing here on AdWords, I won't get much into the details of SEO. However, you can ping me anytime if you are interested in learning about this term in fact.

Automate your High-performing ads: Since they are already performing according to the plan, there's no logic in spending hours to manually optimize them. Instead, automate these ads and spend the time you saved on the lagging campaigns. However, automating does not mean a total dependency on the bots. Even though the ad is performing well, keep a close eye on their analysis as what's working today may not work in the future as Google continuously changes its algorithm.

During certain seasons make aggressive targets: While the ads automated bidding strategies tends to gain more due to the decent history of the account, your specific account history is not linked to particular seasonal events. These occasions may include national or even festive events. For an effective conversion on these specific dates, you may want to shift towards CPA bidding for one day in order to allow your ads to generate more traffic.

Try implementing the above–mentioned strategy to your Google ads campaign, and do not forget to ping and update me about what effect they had on your campaigns.

The use of some strategies may help you to find the best ways that increase the ROI of an ad campaign.
Identify and target the right audience for your product or service by which you can be sure that your ads are being seen by various people who are willing to become your customer.
Create your ads clearly and captivating, and focus on making your creative ads attractive that grab attention.
Work on the performance of your ads by experimenting with different ad formats, like video ads, carousel ads, or sponsored posts.
Show ads to the customers who have once collaborated with your brand and increase the chances of making them your potential customers.
Analyze the data by tracking the performance of your ad campaigns regularly and understand which strategies are working perfectly.

The best way to increase the ROI of an ad campaign is to optimize targeting, ad copy, and landing pages to improve conversion rates, while also continually testing and refining the campaign to improve its performance over time. Additionally, focusing on high-performing channels and platforms and carefully managing ad spend can also help to maximize ROI.

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