The seo job I found the toughest on the planet. We in seo learn a lot and use good and also bad means to rank better in search results. We do the hard work of learning the act and bring websites up in rankings. Then suddenly Google rolls out an algorithm and most of us go at the starting point. This is interesting but can be very stressful at some times. Even they who use good techniques in seo will agree with this. They too have somewhere been panalyzed by Google. The success in seo is like melting ice in our hands. What are your thoughts about the seo job??

We should work according to current strategies. if we failed then want to try another but never ,ever try using your main site.

Cut out the bad methods
Google updates are specifically to effect black hat operators
Updates are known months in advance
Google Webmaster TOOLS
Follow the rules; Google updates only have positive effects

seo is bing moretoughest day by day. especially do-follow backlink

Google is the King of all Search Engines. They make a rule and we have to follow it for sure. Go against him, their army war against us and we'll loose for sure. So, It better to follow their rules :)

Seo the best work in the world and of course the most cruel

It really is tough. It's immensely difficult, convoluted task. It requires a massive amount of knowledge, an incredible dedication to keeping up with one of the fastest moving industries on the planet and a ruthless addiction to testing and analytics.You really need to love it in order to do it.

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