Hi All,

I have created a website called <SNIP> which deals with online shopping of grocery items.

The issue is that the page load time and speed of website is too slow especially if you can try visiting Drinks -> Bevergages -> Juices Section.

I like to implement the feature like <SNIP> in this website.

Can anyone please guide me with things implemented in later site which are lagging in my website.

Thanks in advance.

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First do some performance testing to locate the problem. Then fix it.

I am actually looking for the methedology applied on tesco.com. If someone can visit the site and get an idea of what they exactly did to achieve this performance, it will be really great.

according to google the page size should be 100k.so Check you file size and remove the unwanted elements from your page.

Thanks echovme for your reply. I'll consider this option. However, The site tesco.com I am talking about has a very easy navigation and page doesn't take more than a second to load irrespective of number of images.

If you have any idea how this can be achieved, Please let me know.

Thanks a lot.


A key prerequisite in exchanging back links with other web sites is getting the exact same specialized niche or content as the other site. They need to share a prevalent subject matter in order that there may be continuity from the offering of service and information to what interests your target targeted visitors.

Thanks Bobwillz. But we don't have any contact with the other site so we may not share their contents. Its just that i like their implementation and want to do exactly the same for my site as well.

They use ASPX, probably implemented some good caching, their pagesize is small, and only have a few images and js scripts.

Thanks a lot Pritaeas. I'll surely try these things out.

Flash usually slows down the website. So use as little of flash on your website as you can...

Yes Shania. I mostlyuse jquery instead of flash for this reason.

Creating sitemap, and putting fresh content are also a factor for website performance..

contents in the website are fresh and we do have sitemap for it.

Here are a few simple ways to improve the speed of your website.
1.Profile your web pages to find the culprits.
2.Save images in the right format to reduce their file size.
3.Minify your CSS and JavaScript documents to save a few bytes.
4.Combine CSS and JavaScript files to reduce HTTP requests
5.Use CSS sprites to reduce HTTP requests
6.Use server-side compression to reduce file sizes
7.Avoid inline CSS and JavaScript
8.Use Cuzillion to plan out an optimal web page structure
9.Monitor web server performance and create benchmarks regularly.
10.Offload site assets and features

Thanks for these wonderful tips michealheart. the problem is resolved now but definitely i'll use these things to make the page more faster.

do some fixing to make your page load faster, page loading can affec in site optimization

Yes,I used update panels alongwith user controls and it made the processing as well as loading of site much faster.

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