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Please tell me how can I increase traffic to my new site?

Ya Social Media is one. But how can we increase through social Media. By simply posting people will not visit the site I feel. Please tell what all method we can follow to increase traffic through social Media?

For initial stage, use SEM< and Conduct Social Media Capaigns. Initially we shouls spend some money to generate trafic.

Hope you are aware about SMM, so no need to go to deep to tell about the process.

First understand your customer, choose the relevant social media to start a campaign.

There are several ways for you to increase your website's traffic for good. Social media is indeed a good one, however you should know how your website can help solve the problem of the targeted audience. If you don't mind, can I ask what is your website all about? What niche or product do you promote?

It really depends on your niche, your target group and their characteristics (age, sex, habits, occupation...). This dictates your decision when choosing the right social network (but you should go for as many as you can handle). Once you're there, you need to be active, to post relevant and various content (videos, images, infographics, links) share, joing groups from your niche and actively participate in discussions always trying to bring value and help when help is needed. You should also start conversations, ask for opinions. All of this will direct people to your page. You should keep an eye out on the other pages from your niche (competitors) and check from time to time what they are up to. At last, you should target your audience and sponsor an ad, but do this from time, to time, just to boost your visibility.

Hi there!

Yes, one of the key to increase your website traffic is through social media. How? You just need to provide quality content to your followers or the users so that they can find something interesting in your profile. Make sure your content is useful and informative to those users. Think of some of the useful topics in your niche. For example, you're in an IT firm, think of a problem that most user may have encounter then research for the right solutions for that problem and write a relevant content for that topic. Post it in your social media account together with a simple image related to that topic because images can sometime be compelling to most users.

Choose the right social media accounts that suits your niche. Find your target audience, research on there demographics, interest, what thet like or don't like. Then, interact with them, build your online community. Just simply understand your customer and you can end up branding your business to them. :)

Hope it would help you and goodluck! :)

Create a Yout=Tube channel and post useful videos that cover issues on your niche....your viewers will naturally want to visit your website.

you can get somuch traffic to your website by doing various off page seo works such as:
1. blogcommenting
2. social bookmarking
3. directory submission
4. guest psoting
5. press release
6. classified ads submission
7. document sharing
8. image sharing
9. article submission
10. forum posting
12. Q&A and so on.
These are all the various ways to increase traffic to your website.

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