I am looking for a good program for keyword research and to automate some of my SEO efforts. Can anyone recommend a good program for this?

Have you tried Scrapebox? If you're looking for a free one, you could try traffictravis.com.

@cwvps, The Guy who suggest Black Hat seo. lol

Best of Luck Mate, if you paln to do black hate or automate seo.

Hello Jordan 5! I wanna give you some keyword research tool. Absolutely they are free... 1. http://keywordtool.io/ 2. http://www.keywordtooldominator.com/k/google-autocomplete-keyword-tool 3. http://ubersuggest.org/ you can check them for Long tail keywords

Oh! another thing is that if you need any automatic seo effort then I will suggest you about PING. Because Benefits of ping sites are 1. Index your site in short time to major search engines and directories. 2. Increase your visibility in search engines. 3. Submit your updated or changed content into search engines 4. It is helpful to build backlinks too.

N.B. Whereas, it is an automated system that is why , you should avoid to use it as a spam. I mean you don’t use many sites for pinging in one day.

Hi there,
Nothing can be more powerful than "Google AdWords: Keyword Planner". And if you still want to try something else then there is also a good but paid tool i.e. longtailpro.

Use Scrapebox though it's not free.

I suggest,google keyowrd planner and moz keyword tool. Further, it is not recommended to opt for automation of SEO. SEO is slow process and if done correctly, gives good results, though takes time. On the other hand automated procedures are black hat techniques which should not be practised. when google search algortihm figures it out, may lead penalizing the website

I think the best keyword research tool that I would recommend is Market Samurai. Hands down to this tool! Although this might cost you a bit, but it's worth every single penny. There's another one called Keyword Winner, but it's a Wordpress plugin, and you need to have a self-hosted Wordpress site to make it function.

I am going to list out the best top 10 SEO programs of SEO for 2015:
1. webCEO
2. Advanced web ranking
3. SEO Powersuite
4. SEO suite
5. SEO studio
6. SEOToolkit
7. web position
8. SEO administrator
9. iBusiness Promoter
10. Sheer SEO

Here's few tools:

For keyword research: long tail pro or market samurai
For auto link building: scrapebox, gsa search engine ranker and money robot submitter.
For manual link building: backlink finder and seo powersuite.

SEO Powersuite and Sheer SEO are two good tools.

A+ for Scrapebox.... I've been using Scrapebox 2.0 and it's amazing. It is worth the money, but you will have to invest more money to get some private proxies for posting.

There are two powerful software from Google services which are Google keyword planner and Google webmaster consol. You can use them to research on keywords and to improve you website presence on Google search engine, respectively.

My top 3 lists are:
SEO profiler
SEO powersuite
Keyword eye

The best software I've found to date checks for correct grammar and spelling. Word is a good one. I've found over the years that the search engines prefer well written content rather than well ... most of the rest of the crap out there.

you should go for Google keyword planner and Wordtracker. These two softwares are helpful for you in keyword reseaches related to SEO part.

As per my personal experience i have gone through below software for each and every SEO activities.

Niche based keyword research = ahref or semrush
Long tail keyword research= Moz
SEO audit= semrush
competetior analysis= ahref
Content marketing = Moz

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