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Please solve me ths

Can we copy the blog content for article also? If not why? Will it decrease the page rank for my site?

Yes, you should not post the same content in two places. Why i am saying means, the content which has been crawled by the search engnine bots in second will be deducted as duplicate by the search enginebots. So, it is best to use unique content in blog and for article submission.

Actually, it is not recommended to use the same content on two different places (Blog and Article), because it will never help you in SEO tactices and also it will definitely affect your website's reputation/page rank during the Google Panda Update. So, try to utilize high quality unique contents to avoid unnecessary Google penalties.

If you copy your blog content for article then it will be considered as duplicate content and Google is very particular about duplicate content nowadays. So don't do it.

This has been around awhile that you should not have duplicate content.

Keep blog post on the website.

If you want create a unique article to release on article websites or in a form of a press release...

As all member suggest, you should not submit same content for blog and article both. It is the case of the duplicate content. You should either choose one. I will suggest you to go with blog post rather than article submission.

Also you should avoid partial duplicates besides all above tips.

You should not at any cost copy your blog content and use it for article because it will be considered as duplicate content by Google and moreover if someone after reading your article visit your blog and finds the same content then it will not be appropriate. So avoid doing it.

If you want to promote your blog, it's best to write different content for an article you want to submit to some popular website. It doesn't make sense to post the same content at two or more different places. It happens sometimes that different websites just take your content and usually they put a link to your website. This confuses me a bit. I would never do that, but I don't think I would tell them to take down my content.

If you post same content on two different sites, it will consider as copied/duplicate. But, You can refreshes it and post

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No one mentioned this yet, but you can as long as one of the pages is considered the canonical. That is, the original.

You can use the rel=canonical meta tag to refer to one of the URLs as the original and the other(s) as duplicate. Googlebot will treat it almost like a 301 redirect to the original, but less of a strong signal.

In this way, multiple pages or sites can host the same content without getting dinged with a duplicate content penalty.

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