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Place the article, solely in relevant forums where it is a correct response to a question posed
There are not many of those, so the total number is not significant
If the artice is good enough to be reposted by somebody else it will have SE merit, otherwise it has almost zero value
EVERY post made by you about your site with your link, has almost zero value, the bot algorithms are intuitive and discount "me" posts
a single repost of your article by somebody else, is SE gold >>> the article has to be good enough to be reposted

News articles, posted by the subject, when theya re reasonable, get picked up by every station, paper, radio
they justs have to be good, (or sleazy enough)

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When placing articals in relevant forums, be very careful to follow the rules. I learned the hard way and was banned forever by a major forum. They put something on my name or e-mail address and it follows me to other forums and communities. One of the other forums would not allow me to post. Be very careful.

Someone reposted my last article on Traffic Generation and I was so excited! I felt like I went to the moon and back.


It will be best, if you use the new article for each article submission sites beause, if the articles posting in the article submission websites are unique means, then you will be able to gain more quality unique backlinks for your website.

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