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Hi friends, I have some doubts in SEO.. Pls imagine... I have which explains various topics in PHP programing, Google search result for this site is very good, Now I started as subdomain for another topic, but It is not in search result even after 2 month (up to 3rd page), here doubt is, may I create new introduction page for ASP in and can I place link to subdomain?. How it ll affect both main and subdomain in search result? Is it good practice? (Note: what ever I place in my primary domain, it ll be indexed and appear in search result first page in few days). Adv thanks.

The sub-domain needs to be found. Linking to it will get it indexed and ranked. can do that way and also put them underneath the website saying new sector of ASP. You will have a blog on your website ? If so promote your are starting a new area for ASP. Also..have a seperate blog for ASP as well.

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Thanks. Let I try. I will inform result.

i think your sub domain are not indexed....

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Friends, Thanks many, according to your answers I made changes, my subdomain is now in first page of search results. (It took 1 weeks)

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