Hi friends, I have some doubts in SEO.. Pls imagine... I have www.mydomain.com which explains various topics in PHP programing, Google search result for this site is very good, Now I started asp.mydomain.com as subdomain for another topic, but It is not in search result even after 2 month (up to 3rd page), here doubt is, may I create new introduction page for ASP in www.mydomain.com and can I place link to subdomain?. How it ll affect both main and subdomain in search result? Is it good practice? (Note: what ever I place in my primary domain, it ll be indexed and appear in search result first page in few days). Adv thanks.

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Yes...you can do that way and also put them underneath the website saying new sector of ASP. You will have a blog on your website ? If so promote your are starting a new area for ASP. Also..have a seperate blog for ASP as well.


Thanks. Let I try. I will inform result.


Friends, Thanks many, according to your answers I made changes, my subdomain is now in first page of search results. (It took 1 weeks)

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