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If you want to improve your website ranking in google search . Than you have need to seo , off page as well as on page ,
On page is the process by which we make our site seo friendly ,
Off page is the way by which we make back link for our site .


There are no book availoable in the market for seo. Only google guidelines is a sinle way that provide the information and update us for the latest seo technique. if any candidate want to improve their seo then follow search engine guide lines. This is only a single way...


No books about SEO available? Really vinod1 - Amazon returns more than 11K results if you search for SEO in the books category.


Make your site SEO friendly by including all the h1-h6 tags in your onpage and for off page do link building in high quality sites along with social media marketing.


get a google webmaster tools account,
let google tell you,
precisely what to do.

beyond ridiculous to ask anyone other than google what google want

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