I submited my website http://makeyourdp.com for the AdSense but its again and again it would be rejected said :

"We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
Unable to review your site: While reviewing http://makeyourdp.com , we found that your site was down or unavailable. If you applied through an AdSense host partner, such as YouTube or Blogger, your hosted site was not available or not found (removed) at the time of the review."

Please suggest solution. i am newbe for seo.

The first link is different from the second (in the reply). Did you make a typo when submitting?

Yes i have edited link.

Sorry, I agree with Google. Your site is not loading for me.

damn thats slow,
36 seconds to display something other than blank screen,
no wonder Google thinks its dead
TOTAL_SIZE - Warning! The total size of this page is 1,644,949 bytes, which will load in 355.64 seconds on a 56Kbps modem. Consider reducing total page size to less than 100K . Pages over 100K exceed most attention thresholds, even with feedback. Consider optimizing your site.
speed me up
KISS keep it small s_--

You checkecd when you submitted your site in addsence that time site would be running . you check your host panal. then submitted again.

can't find an old sticky;
"readme before you ask for review code compliant sites rank better in SER",
this site is
(adjective removed by bad word filter, dammit Bob stop that)
and needs a lot of reworking,
some things to look at
these standard tests may assist you
speed examine sprites for small images icons logos,
html standards
handheld standards

css2 standards
css3 standards

handheld device emulator

Other Browser/Os combinations

problems (if any present(there are lots of problems)) will show
serious code errors in the w3c validator sites will produce blankscreens in browsershots(other browsers link)

Valid code does not ensure the site will work ...
Invalid code does ensure the site will not work ... .. in all browser OS combinations

not all layouts work in handheld devices
examine css @media handheld { }
& simplify the style and layouts for small devices

fixed size elements do not work in any device except the screen they were designed on, current best practice is em or % for layout, scalar quantities that auto-adjust to window size, screen resolution, user preference, device capability

Redirects to mobile subdomains, and or mobile specific css files, with small simple pages for phones and tablets is easy to accomplish, and if you separate content from layout, you can use the same content on all subdomains, with just simplified layout (images and scripts and css) for less capable devices

strictly code based, you understand(care about) your content more than I do

ONE OF THE BEST sitemap generators to get your site into your google webmaster account

Ready your content before you post the website. Google is getting harder and harder to get the site approved.

In order to be eligible for Google AdSense you need to optimize your website, it needs to load fast and have reliable hosting solution, to have lots of great content and some decent traffic.

You geve technical problems, s you need to engage you programmers to fix the problems on your site. I cant open it on my computer at all. You should use the emulators given above to reveal the places where you have problems and fix them. Also be attentive with promotions on your site as Google doesnt like the promo materials t all.. But first fix the everage time of page download. You may use the special pug-in to track what process in yur site takes the most time. Also you should use the caching.

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