In general it's great to get some web 2.0 backlinks, High DA backlinks such as PR9 (DA 70+) backlinks & senuke campaigns
Those are the best for websites

senuke consider as black hat technique and its not recomended.

So is there any recommended backlinks type?

The best types of backlinks are from High DA websites that link to your website in a natural way (etc relevant keyword and topic).

The best type of backlink is only if its relevent to your backlink with High Authority, Very good traffic stats along with high popularity in your target market. One more thing is the current web traffic stats of that perticular web page where you get the backlink and a C class IP.

Keyword + “helpful resources”
Keyword + “links””
Keyword + “useful links”
Keyword + “helpful links”
Keyword + inurl:”resources”
Keyword + inurl:”sites”
Keyword + inurl:”links”
Keyword + inurl:”other sites

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DoFollow Is Best Way To Create Backlinks

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Try to acquire dofollow backlinks more than nofollow backlinks from high domain authority sites, it will let you to increase search visibility.

Do follow backlink is the best type of Backlinks. Because when you work on do follow sites then your Site ranking improve early.