Do you know who Danny Sullivan is?

happygeek commented: I smell a canned precooked meat product -4

Sorry, another mod deleted this thread as spam, I guess because he didn't realize who Danny is ... Moving it to the SEO forum for proper discussion.

And, yes, I know who Danny Sullivan is ;) He even won me a stuffed dog at an SEO festival years and years ago, who I went on to name Patch, and who still lives in my bedroom to this day.

I don't think the OP is really interested in who does (or who doesn't) know Danny Sullivan. I think he/she is more interested in putting some backlinks in his/her sig.

If the OP was really in for some proper discussion, then he/she would have the decency to follow up on the replies of an earlier thread of his/her instead of posting a new one (this one) at that time.

"I'm that guy." The mod that deleted it. This discussion lead with signature links that elsewhere just get the topic deleted and forgotten.

If the OP doesn't reply, then is it just SEO spam to most folk. So much for "Don't be that guy."