What the faster way to generate backlinks? Please tell me some Organic SEO Techniques?

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Social media???

Well, mate first of all slow down getting backlink in the faster rate may harm you until or unless you have gone viral. Over here @Dani has mentioned the most appropraite answer you can try taking the help of social media!

There are secveral techiques available that can increase the web traffic.
* Social media sharing
* Social Bookmarking
* Forum posting
* Content marketing

Mr. Watson, Kelly said well that if you're trying to build link fastly thane Google bot may ban your site. But Yes there are Organic ways to increase backlinks for your website.

  1. Do blog commenting on your industry niche sites. (check only latest blog/viral viral article/conversational article)
  2. Participate in Business niche forum.
  3. Local business listing.
  4. Start blogging on your own website.
  5. Try advance guest blogging.

If you looking for fast and quality result, PPC is the best option for you...

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