Click rates depends on different category keywords........ but just to know whats the highest click rate anyone has got from adsense

I have got $10/click once idea of the word .. but my site was about finance and stocks

what the highest you guys got from adsense

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I actually have seen a very high CTR of 40% but it only had 10 impressions but it was very high CPC. Otherwise, it is rare.

i have also see some high cliked keyword but it not effective for business

I've heard from ..(forgot which forum) that 1 click of that ads gives ~$90, not sure is it real or not but the word is a very scientific word.

I think there's a balance. I have found that when my CTR is too high, I'm probably wasting money buying a phrase I shouldn't have bought. Or spending too much on the PPC.

$23 for one click , one top leader ad, if you doubt then check yourself i just wrote a post about it with picture proof

i saw for one ad, $ 32 got for one click..This is so crazy.

I ot 7 on one click earlier.

i think 15$ Best PPC Click

Wow , nice posting for sharing the post.

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