I have tried so many article sites but it's all are just a news sites. I can't able to post my articles there. So i need to know the list of article submisssion sites

TANYA TYAGI commented: 1. hubpages.com 2. www.evernote.com +0


Try with different keywods while searching in Google .

one of the Top article submission sites are

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Dzone and hubpages are not approved our article immediately. I know only one proper article site that is wattpad... You try this site

Article submission sites for SEO are a thing of the past allready for a long time. Google’s Panda algorithm update killed article submission sites from 2011 onwards, so your article link is buried deep in the SERP's for no one to find and your backlinks have zero effect. Nobody visits these sites these days anyway, so no boost in traffic also.


Thus.... stop waisting your time on this!

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@gentlemedia nowadays article sharing is worthless. Any another way you know for share the articles.

That makes no sense kavi_3. If you agree article sharing is useless then why ask for ways to share articles? Unless I'm missing something here...

commented: You didn't miss a thing. Most likely posts for promotion rather than discussion. +0

@happygeek actually i have 5 more unique quality content articles. But i heared here nowadays article sharing is worthless. I won't getting backlinks but i want more audience read my content.

commented: Late but heck, if you want more readers, publish anyway, anywhere. Do YouTubes like Leonard French (Your favorite copyright attorney) +15

@kavi_3. Here at DaniWeb there is a way to create articles. I checked your profile and didn't find where you put up any of your articles yet.

Time to get cracking.

What rproffitt said.

Go to the section of DaniWeb that covers the topic you are writing about. Select 'start new discussion' and then the 'need to do something else instead?' link from where you can use the 'topic type' dropdown to choose from news, review, interview or tutorial - whichever best suits the article you want to share. Then write the thing, and hit contribute. The article draft will then be checked by one of our editorial team here at DaniWeb, and if it is suitable for publication will be published.

So there's one option for you, why not give it a go?

@happygeek thanks for giving information i try this option

try some top sites for articles submissions



thanks for giving information i try this option

Now five days later, and I see no articles from you waiting to be published in the artcile workshop here on DaniWeb... Having problems?

sites.google.com    95.37   100 7.73    1

2 tumblr.com 94.49 99.32 7.41 47
3 github.com 95.76 98.39 7.18 59
4 livejournal.com 83.78 94.01 6.68 257
5 evernote.com 91.74 91.78 6.55 410
6 wattpad.com 63.89 79.66 5.42 500
7 seekingalpha.com 89.7 87.18 6.3 1629
8 zimbio.com 58.53 80.26 5.21 3584
9 dzone.com 85.64 82.77 6.33 3886
10 ehow.com 67.56 90.77 6.01 4925
11 hubpages.com 89.96 88.11 6.58 6265
12 storify.com 92.71 91.12 6.54 8136
13 biggerpockets.com/articles 33.4 68.43 3.12 10365
14 ezinearticles.com 90.15 87.73 6.65 11713
15 free-ebooks.net 53.59 68.67 5.4 14332
16 brighthub.com 52.34 67.42 6.46 23512
17 buzzle.com 55.97 74.82 5.1 33940
18 newsvine.com 65.68 90.8 5.43 34880
19 selfgrowth.com 60.14 77.09 5.61 35975
20 apsense.com 49.98 62.13 5.08 39663

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Another thread full of useless information. How long would this have lasted on Stack Overflow? Not long. And that is why people go there.

This is why forums fell behind. This right here.

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To be fair, it is in the SEO forum and it is an SEO question and the answers that remain are answering that question. SO only allows programming-related SEO questions, which is why you wouldn't find this stuff there. I get you don't like this stuff, so don't read the SEO or Digital Marketing forums - they are not aimed at the programmer members of the community after all. It's a bit like an SEO geek going into the PHP forum and complaining about all the coding questions asked...

Yeah, I said Stack Overflow and actually meant the Pro Webmasters section of Stack Exchange.

I was referring to the quality of the question more than the topic. It's a terribly low standard, pretty much at the "how is babby formed?" level.

And the suggestions. Ugh. People just posting stuff without any indication of how it might actually help the OP. And Squidoo hasn't existed for fucking years. Nor has Technorati. And what Travel_3 posted is beyond comprehension.

I've all but lost patience here. The core members try to help people and some threads are constructive but the vast majority are low effort questions with low effort replies.

In this thread poor GentleMedia is wading upstream in a raging torrent of shite. And Gliffer, the latest post, they spell their address wrong on their actual website.

As the scholar and gentleman Duncan Bannatyne repeatedly said, "I'm oot".

You need to select sites related to your niche. It can be an overview site or forum.

For article submission you have select proper category according to your niche.
Unique content is needed.

Some of good article sites which I m using.

  1. wordpress
  2. blogger
  3. livejournal
  4. apsense

List of Best Article Submission Sites:

These are some which i use:

Article Submission Sites:- Article submission is a part of Off-Page SEO optimization. Article submission, which involves the presentation of articles to online article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleTrader etc. with proper anchor text for link building, is performed for the promotion of any website. There are various benefits of article submission sites including advertising, marketing, publicity of your business on the world wide web.

List Of Best Article Submission Sites:-
1) tumblr.com
2) letsdiskuss.com
3) github.com
4) livejournal.com
5) evernote.com
6) wattpad.com
7) seekingalpha.com
8) zimbio.com
9) dzone.com
10) warticles.com
11) articlepdq.com
12) ezine-articles-planet.com

Here are some of the sites with DA 90+:


These sites accept your articles instantly and many times they also get indexed.




The above websites are accepting article sharing & publishing it even more faster.



Just publishing on article websites won't cut it. Unfortunately the SEO juice you get from there is also worthless, even with excellent articles, as you mentioned you have. Ideally you should try and contact bloggers in your niche and see if they are willing to post your articles in their blogs. Look for good DA blogs and the results would be better than just with ezinearticles and the likes.

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