In the last month I dovelop my website.but changing everything it still isnt ranking and I can't understand why?

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It takes some time to increase your search rankings in search the mean time you can do just to get the backlinks naturally, this is the first basic process to do better search results in search engine as early as possible..

It obviously takes atleast 2 months for Google to start ranking your website. You can use few tips here. Use the following rule: Beat your competitor with QUALITY and QUANTITY of CONTENT in your site. Well that means you need to have more relevant content than the websites ranked at the top of the SERP to show Google that you too deserve to be at the top.

It will take time for ranking your website because search engines have some parameters. And we have to follow that parameters. You also need to do link building for your website because it also heps to increase ranking.

Website ranking is fully depends upon the qualityof content in your website, google check the duplicate contents in website. if Google find fresh content then only they can provide the rank to the website. You can try to submit more articles and press relaese for backlinks and visitors. and tru to incrase the do follow backlinks of your website by using off page SEO technique.

First try to build as much as quality backlinks for the site.

Rankmysite: Making changes might be hurting your rankings altogether. Stay on topic and ADD new content consistently. If you could provide a little more detail about what your website topic is we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Upon reading your posting, I wonder ... "Could your web page ranking woes have anything to do with having horrific writing abilities?" ... just wondering

SEO is that kind of thing in which you need to have passion because according to expertize seo effort is take some time to give result.