I have a website.i practice seo for my website.
Google's first page of this site to bring the issue will focus on?

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You are competing with the entire web
The best you can get, may be less than you hope:

"Content is King"

Accurate, original, unique, attributed, semantic, compliant content will get you ranked as highly as possible.

Any other quick-fix, will be downgraded Fast
Gabryprof's link is a starting point explains WHY
this thread ReadMe before you ask for review, Code compliant sites rank higher in SER contains simple instructions, HOW, and code testers to make sure.

You need to appear at the first page of google and to be the one of the 3 first websites that appear. Just keep practicing and build links and you will get it by time.

It depends on your competitors. Do some analysis of your competitors site and try to insights into there strategies and at the same time do some additional approaches and it will only be come by research.

Build a High Quality Back link.
Before that post a Unique Content for Your Webpage.
Optimize that content for Visitors.
Share Your Website on Social Media.
Reduce Bounce Rate on your webpage.

it will help you rank on Searchg Engine. Analyse Your Competitor and Beat them by your SEO Strategy

Create high quality backlinks, always check PR 7 DA before do submissions, always create unique and user-friendly content for article and blog submissions and change your submission's description simultaneously.

To get on first page of Google by following the guidelines provided by Google. Post quality content on internet and try to try to engage users on social media so that they share and like your content. You can also post your website on local business listing sites. That can help you get backlinks as well as local traffic too.

Hi, if you want your desired web site in the first page of google, then you have to do onpage, offpage, white hat both SEO. If your both SEO is good... and your keyword and article is competitorly low..... I think your website can be must appear in the Googl's first page.

Thank you

create content
create qulatiy backlinks
social media

If you prefer organic result means start to do on-page and off-page techniques. Build quality backlinks to your website.
If you prefer paid result means you can do PPC.

Really difficult task to rank in Google's first page but not impossible. Optimize your website. Analyze your competitor website, create unique quality content and do all off-page activities regularly.

Ways to increase page rank on google:

  1. Provide quality content
  2. Keep on updating your content regularly with new content
  3. Your content should match with site description and keywords
  4. Avoid your site from keyword overloading
  5. Fix broken links
  1. Content is the king. Be post unique and quality content.
  2. Keywords must be added in Meta tags
  3. Find broken links and fis them
  4. Avoid keyword stuffing
  5. Use long tail keyword

If you want your website on Google first page. You must be beat your compettitors. So first you should analyse your competitors keywords and target those keywords in your website via SEO & Paid Campaigns.

Ranking on google's 1st page became difficult in recent days as the complexity of algorithm increases for search engines. You have to beat your competitors, a proper onpage and offpage link building helps your site rank in google search engines.

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