As of this morning, the Speed Report (Experimental) in Google Search Console has been replaced by a more robust Core Web Vitals report.

It still is broken up into a Mobile and Desktop version. However, instead of just monitoring FCP (First Contentful Paint) and FID (First Input Delay), it now seems to monitor CLS and LCP ... or at least those are the issues it's flagging for my site.

Issue type is the status of the various measures:

LCP (largest contentful paint): How long it takes the page to render the largest visible element
FID (first input delay): How long it takes the page to start responding to user actions
CLS (cumulative layout shift): How much the page UI shifts during page loading.

Speed issues are assigned separately for desktop and mobile users.

As you may recall, the experimental Speed Report was disallowing any revalidation because of an alert message saying that it would be changing soon. Well it looks like it's here!

Is anyone else seeing this yet?

I didn't realize this yet. Thanks for the awareness.. Let me study on it.

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