What do you think? I just need your wise thoughts.

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There are situations when you have to optimize website which is not in English. However, Google search algorithm has been designed to rank any website irrespective of its language. Search Engine Technology is not dependant on any particular language. However, you should avoid mixing 2 languages together when working on SEO. Either go with Language 1 or Language 2. Do not mix them. Just my own experience.

you have to go for the google country code extension for the type of different languages..

I have experience with ru links (sape), I can say in my case, the result was small but it was!
the impact of differences in language, I did not notice ...

Thanks to mascot... and others... I'm just thinking about it.. "However, you should avoid mixing 2 languages together when working on SEO."

Yes it does pay important role. Most of the people around the globe search content in English Language. Just dont mess up with 2 different languages. If your business promotion is local only than you should go for your local language.

Thanks Tarini.. You and mascot removed my ambiguous, Finally. Actually I'm waiting to get someone say something on mascot. I think it is really a nice compliment that'll help to others who really want it.

As far I know there is no problem in search. Do you have any idea of local SEO?
There is a problem if you are trying Adsense.

Of course, it`s important. English is worldwide lenguage, so, when you write in English - you have more platforms for links and more people will see your comment.

If your website is available in many languages then there is a need to optimize the website for each of the language.

I think no mattter because search engine is global work.

You want to consider the relevancy. If a site is based in USA, though, has backlinks from an unrelated website in India, it likely will appear unnatural in the eyes of search engines, ya know?

Mostly people serach on english and one technique you can use it your answer reflect on another laungage mean those lanugae you want.

When it comes to natural link building you can practice in getting natural backlinks by the way of:

  1. Guest Blogging: Though Matt Cutt said "Guest Blogging is Done" it is partially true. The truth is if you are doing spammy guest blogging you will get penalized by Google for sure. But you must remember this thing guest blogging is building a relationship, the purpose of guest blogging is not backlinks. This is a powerful method to grow a personal brand which will lead you to benefit you a lot.

  2. Creating Infographics and Podcasts: Most people think infographics and podcasts are done now, there are several infographics & Podcasts available online and there is a decline in infographic & Podcast popularity but still, Infographics and Podcasts are an effective way of linkbuilding.

  3. Get active on Social Media: Content creation is halfway of content marketing, the other half is promoting the content. and there is no other place than social media where you can promote your content. If you promote your content on social, you’ll starA qualified genetic engineer, must have a graduate / postgraduate degree in genetics or related fields such as biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology or biochemistry OR a doctorate (PhD) from a recognised university, based on 2-3 years of his own research under the guidance of a professor/lecturer. The basic eligibility criteria for a graduate degree (BE / B.Tech) is 10+2 or equivalent examination, with Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as genetics as part of the biology OR a bachelors degree in science or molecular biology. t to earn links to it.

4: Grow Your Personal Brand: The most important thing you need to understand is you can't create links instantly. If you grow your personal brand, though it is a very slow and steady process, you will get the incredible payoff. So build your personal brand by outreach, helping people, speaking at conferences, getting press coverage, connecting with mentors, guest blogging, and other techniques. It’s not easy, and it definitely takes some time.

Seo link building when done in the right way, in the right direction then "languages doesnot matter at all".
By right way I mean ,following proper link building starategy and tactics.
By right direction I mean you should focus on your targetted location and select the language and build links accordingly.

If, your product is to be used in different localities, then try to select a general language like "english" that is used and understood by all,but always focus on the areas providing you with major amount of your customers and do plan your links in their respective language.You can seek help from a local person of the other language so that keywords of that language can be planned and link building can be executed more smoothly and successfully

It depends, I mean if you want only local traffic then better to focus on local SEO. Language matter as long as trends are in local. However no worries if spam for Backlinks from English blog

i dont think so, i never tried it yet but maybe its helpful for tier link building.

All you need to do is attract your targeted audience. If your audience are only from local then its fine to do it in your language. When it comes to target different kind of people then you have to use a common language matches for them.

If you want only local traffic I mean Traffic from French, then it will be better to focus on Local SEO

If you want only local traffic, for example,from French, then it will be better to focus on Local SEO. Language matters for link building because it tends to be local. And as a result, your site appears more relevant in France.
And if you receive some backlinks from English website about IT, when your site is about cars, for example. So it will confuse Google

I don't think so that language matter in seo link building

Yes, language matters. Whenever you create links in SEO, you have to tell something about your product or business that you can write in a good language otherwise you may not get traffic. If you write a blog about your business's services, then you have to use the standard language. Similar articles and press release also happen. Language is a big roll in SEO because it makes causes to drag traffic to your website. Users are more attracted to good language websites.

Yes language matters in link building. For example if you want submit your site to some social bookmarking sites where the site is in diffeerent language and your language is different then you have to change the language what you are prefferd. Not only in Social bookmarking but also in all off-page techniques which you are using for link building. The language matters!!


I think, yes. It is very important to choose the correct strategy. Only this can provide enough information and variants of how to make good link and really to help people.

You have to use anchor links from local sites if you need to get traffic.

As we all lnow search engine works globally but if website available in many languages then we have to optimize for that.

If you want only local traffic I mean Traffic from French, then it will be better to focus on Local SEO. As I know, language somehow matter for link building because it trends to be local. But there is nothing to worry about Spam for backlinks from English Blog.

Link building is a strategy that that gets web pages to link to each other by acquiring hyperlinks from other websites and apply them to your own site. It helps users navigate between different pages on the Internet. They also help search engines crawl between the pages on your website.

For me it does matter a lot ! You should really have a link building mostly based around websites using the same language as your website. But it is not a problem to have some from other languages.

It matters a ton from personal experience. DaniWeb is an English-based site but unfortunately most of our back links are not on English websites. The result is most of our organic traffic originates from non-English speaking countries.

commented: I think SEO will never die. But It will be more complicated. Nowadays google search engine shows various ads on search pages. Still analysing th +0
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