What do you think? I just need your wise thoughts.

There are situations when you have to optimize website which is not in English. However, Google search algorithm has been designed to rank any website irrespective of its language. Search Engine Technology is not dependant on any particular language. However, you should avoid mixing 2 languages together when working on SEO. Either go with Language 1 or Language 2. Do not mix them. Just my own experience.

you have to go for the google country code extension for the type of different languages..

I have experience with ru links (sape), I can say in my case, the result was small but it was!
the impact of differences in language, I did not notice ...

Thanks to mascot... and others... I'm just thinking about it.. "However, you should avoid mixing 2 languages together when working on SEO."

Yes it does pay important role. Most of the people around the globe search content in English Language. Just dont mess up with 2 different languages. If your business promotion is local only than you should go for your local language.

Thanks Tarini.. You and mascot removed my ambiguous, Finally. Actually I'm waiting to get someone say something on mascot. I think it is really a nice compliment that'll help to others who really want it.

As far I know there is no problem in search. Do you have any idea of local SEO?
There is a problem if you are trying Adsense.

Of course, it`s important. English is worldwide lenguage, so, when you write in English - you have more platforms for links and more people will see your comment.

If your website is available in many languages then there is a need to optimize the website for each of the language.

I think no mattter because search engine is global work.

You want to consider the relevancy. If a site is based in USA, though, has backlinks from an unrelated website in India, it likely will appear unnatural in the eyes of search engines, ya know?

Mostly people serach on english and one technique you can use it your answer reflect on another laungage mean those lanugae you want.