Most Google searches for common words usually result in a high number of hits.

As an example, I just typed in "love", and Google returned, "About 11,840,000,000 results (0.77 seconds)".

My bet is most end users see probably the first few pages at the most. That is, they would see the most popular, "relevant" results first; so, then, the first page might show the first 25 hits (1 to 25); and then the second page the next 25 hits (26 to 50); and this pagination process seems like it should continue up until the end of the results.

My question is, suppose you wanted results 10,000,000,026 to 10,000,000,050, how do you get them to show up without clicking the Gooooooogle pagination bar over and over and over until you get it to add up to the 10,000,000,026 result?

When they say "About X Results" it's just an approximation of what type of demand is in their database. After clicking through the first dozen pages or so, Google stops returning results.

commented: I think my reason for asking was I feel like Google blindsides us to a lot of stuff that we might actually enjoy seeing. +0
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