Hi guys

We are business provider site. I have facebook account & i want to increase my facebook likes please tell me how can i increase my facebook likes. Please tell me the simplay way to increase my facebook likes.

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promote your services or products and imporve your pages overall look and content.

Write interesting (or controversial!) content on your site that would encourage people to Like it. Post on your Facebook profile. Share every page of your site with your FB friends. Grow your circle of FB friends. ...

Come up with a contest based on likes.

You're smarter than me, Jorge! Your way is definitely quicker!

I want to share a special website that can make your work easy :)
Youlikehits is the best to get quick likes.

For this contact your friends to get some likes and also ask them to recommend your page by inviting their friends ti like your page. This will definitely helps you to get FaceBook fan page likes easily.


Make posts on Current issues mostly related to Politics and Weather on daily bases, put some interesting relevent questions and ask the people to like the post if the have positive views.

Have a quality of topic that be able to caught attention to people.

Interesting content will help youa lot in increasing the number of likes.

Hello Dear,1

There are following tricks
* Link only to relevant websites
* Inviting Guest Writers from similar niche
* Writing Guest Posts in Other Sites

all the above techniques are basis on long term work. but for urgent purpose use some like exchange sites for ex: youlikehits.com or addmefast.com etc..

Attractive web contents can increase many likes! Just always update your site and post about interesting topics.

You can always ask your friends to like your fan page. Join some relevent groups in facebook and then ask the members to like your page. Before all these efforts first step is to make your fanpage more attractive and communicative..

There are many ways to incerease the likes of the facebook page.
You have to post some viral and interesting content there on your page so people like and comment there and this will help you bring traffic on your page.

Many ways to increase Likes on Facebook. So If you want to increase your likes the you need to post high quality Photos and also write the catchy caption, tags and also using the Hashtags.

Im going to give you genuine tips to increase the likes on facebook . The process is long but it will build a strong base of followers

1) Content - Content is king . If you want people to like your page , first they you have make them like your content. If its a business page - post interactive and valuable content . Provide the followers value through the content . If its personal u need to focus on the image quality and abstract feel of it .
2) Engage - Engage with other users & Groups in your niche . provide valuable tips , comments , solve & engage to build connections in the niche
3) Focus on Video content . Try to make video content as much as you can with some value
4) Take advantage of the trend - always engage in trending topics , post relevant content
5) Be consistent - Upload 1 post daily on the page . It can be a story or anything . Create a content calendar for it .

Follow these genuine steps and you will achieve likes .

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