In 2022 (as opposed to a few years ago, when Google was really prioritizing AMP in the SERPs), does it make sense to use AMP pages for a content-based site, but not news-based site (e.g. Google News is not relevant) if you can achieve all good core web vitals metrics without it?

Google has stepped away from AMP moving more to its machine learning and PWA - but if it loads fast it will be fine for now - would keep monitoring what Google is doing for ranking algo - but speed is important purely for a UX

I've taken the plunge and started redirecting all of my AMP pages to their non-AMP canonicals. We recently enabled SXG for the whole site, so that's what pushed me to not really see the benefit anymore.

If you want to use AMP for the ranking factor, it is no longer required! Google has shifted its focus to Core Web Vitals. I personally feel that AMP gives Google too much control over the web. I was happy to know that when it comes to raking search results, Google has changed it from AMP to speed of web pages.

I advise giving your Core Web Vitals scores priority. Then, your pages will have the same chance of ranking highly as AMP-optimized ones as long as you follow those instructions. I used the following tricks to boost my scores:

  • Caching, image formats, and optimizing your website's code are common changes to boost Core Web Vitals. Because it examines the technical characteristics of a webpage, resolving such issues will surely improve your scores.
  • Share them with your developer (using tools like Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, and CrUX) to identify the aspects that are causing your site to fail. Then, resolve those aspects with the help of your developer and improve your scores.

To conclude, there is no need to AMP your web in 2022. Instead, focus on Core Web Vitals!

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