I want to increae the organic traffic so please tell me the best Strategies to increase organic traffic.

I think you must do a Google first. Hope you'll get the huge informative information there. Especially, I have to say to read 21 Actionable SEO Techniques from Backlinko. Best of luck!

The best ones are designed for sustaining a long lifespan at the top of the results in competitive search environments. There may be some short cuts to the top but generally the easy way out is the easy way out. Think about your actual content: the words in your paragraphs, the images, videos, Headings etc. How you optimize those things that within your control. That' is the best strategy in improving SEO skills. Rely on your own effort and innovativeness rather than to seek externally or repetitively internally in order to boost rankings. Along with those notions, consider expanding your keyword (key word phrases) reach by incorporating new terms into new pages that coincide (are relevant) to your main keyphrase targets. This is termed the "long tail" approach. It too is among the best, sound, controllable search engine optimisation strategies.

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