pr stands for pank rank.

PR stands for Page Rank higher the Page Ranker higher will be the visiblity and the reputation from the eyes of search engine !!

PR stands for page rank.The numbers 5 6 7 tells how relevent and impressive your website and factors includes in it.Factors such as:content,backlinks,onpage offpage factors,Keyword etc.

Its page rank, shows the rank or website.

pr mean page rank this rank only given by google about your site quality..

PR means Page Rank. If you want to find out High PR websites list then simply search on Google.

PR refers to PageRank of a website.It shows the ranking status of a website.The page rank is given by google and it depends upon the number of quality backlinks,quality of website,visitors flow.

PR stands for page rank

This all are calling Google page rank only depend on website quality

Pr means page rank on search engine. particular page rank of website will be diffrent. when a site good rank on search engine and get good traffic on website and site popularity increase so wesite will be get pr.

google rewards your website from 1-10. the grading from 1-10 is termed as page rank.

PR is a short form of Search Engine page rank.

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