Is it possible to get parked domains indexed into the search engines?
I'll explain more below...
I have a client who owns a domain that features products from a couple of her companies. She then bought two other domain names (which were her two company names) and parked them on the main domain.
She's been giving out these domain names to her clients however her clients seem to put the domain names into the Google search instead of typing it in the address bar. Why they do this, I don't know.
Because the parked domains have no content, they aren't indexed in the search results and aren't being found by her clients.
Is there anyway to get those parked domains into the index or do they have to have their own websites with their own content? Can you have one page on those parked domains or is that considered bad SEO? (I think they call them doorway pages).
Thanks for your input!

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Without content they aren't going to indexed. Even if the one page websites get indexed they won't rank well for anything so it is just as good as not being indexed. And since you may risk being seen as using doorway pages you risk getting the domains blacklisted so it isn't worth doing.


You can have 1-2 page designed for each domain and made live explaing how things are under development and will be live with a bang..

Being indexed will at least help you in future seo.

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