My site has 600 + indexed pages but in the recent two days it has gone down to 200 + :(
Can anyone have an idea why it went down suddenly???

Do anyone face this indexing problem?

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Its too early to say anything. Sites lose indexed pages sometimes for weeks then come back strongly with more pages indexed! Wait and watch for another week or so.

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Unless you're doing something you shouldn't be, it's more or less out of your control.

The same thing happens to me quite frequently, actually. It first started happening to me in January, 2007. Sometimes, only the main index page will show up and then most of the time, Google is able to show every page indexed by its crawlers. I would follow vickysoft's advice!

This is common will all major search engines. It usually occurs while they are doing an update of some kind. It's nothing to worry about.

Do not bother about number of indexed page unless your SERP not get flacuate. Give your effort to get more and more inbound link with proper Anchor Text

Give your effort to get more and more inbound link with proper Anchor Text...

...from related websites preferably with a good ranking for the search terms you seek to rank for yourself. Links from offtopic sites carry less weight.

Though your problem sounds unique, dont bother much about that. Go and increase your backlink count.


am also having the same problem i am having a mobile related website. It is a small website but the index page in google suddenly gone off in google can anyone give a suggestion for this i am totally messed up so kindly help me.......

Please mention pages indexed by which Search engine. You can submit your site information to google by creating a wel formated sitemap.xml file. That can help you indexing yous pages.


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