If i have multiple domains that I own, what is the best way to utilize these to help my sites ranking and exposure?

1)redirect each domain to my main site?
2)create a site for each domain and link back as an affiliate?
3)something else?


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Forming an artificial network of sites no longer works and most likely will cause them all to be banned as link farms. I would say create one site with the best domain and do a 301 redirect with the rest.

I dont think 301 redirection is good solution.

The best way is Forwarding domain to main URL,

But remeber One thing, Never go for Link building process for Forwarded URL

Any SEO expert would know by forwarding the domain to the same site you create duplicate content is which is very bad. By using a 301 redirect you can point it to the same website without any duplicate content issues.

Any SEO expert would know by forwarding the domain to the same site you create duplicate content is which is very bad. By using a 301 redirect you can point it to the same website without any duplicate content issues.

I honoured what you have said, but my friend I cleared one thing that do not USE links for forwarded domain any where.. AND A lot of Hosting provider Do not Allow .htaccess process in that case you have to go for other method of redirection.

As we KNOW that Spider find your site with Links or through submission process.

Any Way thanks for your participation.....

If your webhost doesn't allow the use of .htaccess then you need to use a 301 redirect in your server-side code. It's barely any more work then using .htaccess. But you never just point multiple domains to one website.

The second one woul be best choice according to me!!!

Amazing the differences of opinion on Redirects. Yes, 301 Redirect!

Here is the school of thought. With a 301redirect, all domains resolve to the www, or non www you choose. Cuts your www and non www duplicate content too, as well as other domains now creating more duplicate content; if not done, the worst thing you can do.

Once the htaccess file is created and script is put in, add domain names as aliases. These will all resolve to your permanent 301 address, through the redirect. Google loves this as correct, as other SE's do.

After you have added the extra domain names, create a text link on a back page or on another site. When you type in the domain, you show up for type in quality domains. You will also remind google you are also identified by that keyword domain.

I have top position in a high volume term with everything else in order of course. It is a hugely competitive keywords with national companies that rank! I have the perfect generic domain name that I bought, applied the domain name as a 301redirect. It is a dot net, but perfect keyword domain.

Do you think I will ever remove that generic domain name redirect? Never! The site is lightly keyworded as such to be there, but is a top spot, reliably for over two years! I make tons of google adsense on it!

If you can't add a .htaccess file, have your administrator put one in your root folder, UTF-8 format, and add permissions so you can see it with ftp. Microsoft lets you see .htaccess in FTP. Linux does not, and is a hidden file.

You should be able to open that new .htaccess file your admin made for you with FTP Client software, then right click to open, then add the string. You can see more information, as we cover this extensively on our website, including some workable code to do this. a .htaccess file is checked before you bring your site up. Add a SSI include pointing to the htaccess file, and google will still see it. That is not a server issue, as long as the SE sees it.
You might have Microsoft. Yuch! Sounds like it. Poor, poor guy...

Lastly, You can build small sites featuring good information about that keyword topic for that multiple domain, and you sure can put your banner on the site for more information, linking in to pool the traffic for your services and valuable source of products, or sponsor of this small site.

I have never heard of a bad 5 page website on a specific topic with good valuable information, and where to go for more information. Just make sure it is valuable information contained in that small site! They are all over the web! That is not link farming. (as the sites will relate well by topic, and you are not in a link list, with bled out rank!) Carefully built small 5 or more page sites on each topic will help tremendously. This will not rank you much, but will reach that keyword search area you desire, without redesigning your original site.

Do a 301redirect on everything you have! Even the little sites. Make it policy. It is solid, Google knows this to be permanent, unless otherwise told. They do it, and can count on you. Go to google.com without the www, see how it resolves to the www in your address bar? Now type in gooogle.com with an extra "o". It resolves, dropping the extra o I added, to www.google.com Multiple domain names, 301redirect, google uses it.

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