I'm trying to gain better positioning in my Adwords Campaign.

So far the only way i know of to gain better positioning is to fine tune my keywords and increase my bid amount.

I don't like increasing my bid amount because although it improves my position, it creates more risk.

Does anyone know how to improve Ad positioning without increasing you bid price?

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Create lots of ad groups each targeting a particular section of your site. Create very targeted ads for each group and repeat the keywords within the ads. When the keywords being searched for are in an ad, the word appears in bold, and that's a very good thing :) Draws more attention to your ad and increases the CTR ;) And, of course, your ads will be more targeted towards what the user is looking for, so that will improve the CTR. Also, by using really ultra niche keywords, there is going to be a lot less competition, so you won't be paying as much to get listed higher up.

Obviously you wouldn't want to give away your own secrets. but is there a generic niche keyword that you could give me as an example. It would put me on the right track.


For example, I have an ad group for every single one of my forums. Take my PHP forum, for example. It would be its own ad group with an ad copy that reads "PHP Forum" and keywords such as php forum, php help, php code, and so on and so forth. When someone does a search which includes the keyword PHP, the word PHP within the ad copy appears in bold, drawing attention to the ad. And the CTR becomes even higher since someone searched for something php related and the ad copy is for a PHP forum and they land right on a PHP forum! :) That increases conversion rates as opposed to linking them to the homepage and making the user figure out your navigation before finding what they're looking for. If that's the case, they are more apt to just hit the back button and find another site in the search results. The moral of the story is that I have 100 forums. That means 100 ad groups with 200 ad copies (2 ads per group) and about 10,000 keywords.

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