I have built 10 websites using Wordpress, now 5 of those sites are ranked in the first 2 pages of Yahoo and AltaVista but nothing on Google. I dont understand why not, so what do I have to do to get the same rank on Google, why would Yahoo put my sites on the first 2 pages and Google nothing, Help. Thanks

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It all depends on many factors. First: the frequency of the crawlers. Second: how often you add content to your site. I strongly recommend you to insert new content in the next few days. Third, your site is new so Google does penalize new sites by not showing it up on SERPs for a time. It improves through time. Forth, follow the advice Google has on their site for webmasters.

It all depends on many factors. First: ... follow the advice Google has on their site for webmasters.

... in addition, seems likely to me that you will eventually rank well for Google searches because other major search engines like your web presentation.

I would think to just keep doing whatever it is you are doing; hopefully it is enforcing keyphrase targets with optimized, visitor-friendly, fresh, unique, important, intelligent content!!

I'll throw in ... also, some other factors that could cause inconsistent results like this occur when:

- You are using a regional search (ie google.ca, yahoo.ca ...) in some of your keyphrase tests.

- Your web browser's search activity is personalized through Web History technology

In addition to what Fred and Insights Digital have said which are extremely important I want to recommend that you take the link building a little more seriously. I noticed that your thread was edited because you placed a link inside of your post. THAT is looked upon as spam by forum goers, moderators and also search engines. YEP, believe it or not some bots are actually smart :D.

If you continue to build your links, continue to work on your SEO, ADD fresh and quality content to your site (Google LOVES content) and do some article marketing you should be fine.

Yahoo has got a different set of ranking algorithms. Google has 200 factors. Yahoo tends to favor keywords inside domains.

I appreciate all the advice...Im so new at this and its not asw easy as i thought....I dont understand about putting in my link...is it suppost to go under my name or where? So what is link building?
tahnks Troy

Yahoo gives preference the contents and Google likes the back links. Google also gives preference old age webs age websites. You need to study link building and start link building for your website

Google is getting more and more selective about who gets in, and the first step is ensuring that your site is full of useful, unique content.

After that, work on getting quality, relevant sites to link back to you. These days those two steps are the best ways to find your site in the almighty Google.

One of the way to get listed is to be linked from another web site that is already in Google. That way, when Google's spider goes to visit that site for updates, it will pick up the link to your site and add it. This method does not always work, but many sites do get in this way.


If your site have more number of keyword then yahoo will rank your website but in Google its hard to list.

Google expert quality content, quality back links , frequent updation etc...

If in your site you can use more keywords then google is look like it as a spam. and google can not crawl the site.

Google and Yahoo are different search engines. They have different algorithms.

do site analysis, create sitemap.xml put it on your GWT, create robot.txt and fixed your meta tags after all do a off page optimization which is the link building method. submit your links on all marketing avenues.

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