Right now, the great majority of my traffic is from Google. However, I've been trying really hard to diversify. What are some techniques that might help me break away from a heavy dependance on search engines for nearly all of my traffic? I know word of mouth is a biggy, but what are some specific ideas to encourage that?

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One thing I tried is commenting on relavant blogs (and including your URL, of course). Pretty soon your site gets noticed by someone who posts it on their blog. Then it spreads very fast as more and more bloggers pick it up.

I usually check on Google Blog search to see what people are saying about my site. I guess you could do something like:


(amazing how many splogs there are also)

Thanks for the tip. I never even heard of Google Blog Search before :)

If people find your site usefull and exclusive to the subject they will naturally recomend it to their friends and the friends to their friends and so continues the endless chain reaction of word of mouth advertisment. Another very good tool for viral marketing is to have Daniweb merchandise and that too reasonably priced so that people can afford it. Since Daniweb is an IT community stuff like Daniweb branded mouse pads, mouse, pens etc wouldnt go amiss.

Very interestingly.
You can more in detail tell as it to do?
My site << url snipped >>
Help me pls.

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