Does anyone have any experience with Google Referrals? How long does it typically take before you start earning any money? Been running for a few days, hundreds of clicks, $0 revenue.

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Addendum: I'm targeting entire categories, not individual advertisers.

Targeting categories is a good strategy. The feedback i've received: conversion rates are extremely low, with the most success found in sites with a high correlation to AdWords and AdSense.

It may be still too early to tell. When the New Year kicks in, activity should pick up.

i see the niche and see what visitors want from my site,i mean what my site don't have that visitors are interested in (should be a related niche ) and put those targeted ads rather than whole category,this has given me good results.

watchmen: Google's referral program used to be just for Google products like AdWords / AdSense but now it works with many AdWords advertisers in a very wide variety of topics.

I was hoping to be able to select the subcategories that DaniWeb users are interested in, and after a period of time, see which products were converting the best, and just use those. But it's been awhile now, and millions of pageviews later, and I'm stuck with just a small handful of conversions from just as many different products.

I don't think referrals are a good idea, there are barely any conversions, i guess the most efficient referral is the firefox + toolbar coz all you need to do is download the free EXE, web hosting referals like homestead wouldn't convert...having a wide skyscraper instead would prove much more worth

Sorry i know this is old thread but thought would be useful to all. Google has announced that they have stopped any further Referrals so dont waste your time and efforts to get into it.

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hey.. google is going to close the referrals program from Aug 31.. so why is this discuss?

hey.. google is going to close the referrals program from Aug 31.. so why is this discuss?

Dear they have already closed it :)

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