Thanks for the reply of my last thread... I want to know that how can i add my PRODUCT URL to different search engines like froogle, googlebase, mysimon, shopzilla, yahoo shopping, pricegrabber, shop.com, etc... I want to add my product to this sites so kindly help me and can any one tell me the software name and site which will help me in adding url in different search sites ...

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You only need to submit once to SE,submitting more often does absolutely nothing for you unless you have refined your web contents and keyword. If you use wordpress, you can use google site map generator to submit sitemap


To be noticed by search engines... create lot of backlinks to your site.

Hey... there are tools available for submitting to social bookmarking websites...

You can use these tools and submitt to many social bookmarking website easily without going through the pain of submitting


Use Bookmark Submitter Pro and get your job done easily...

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