Hi, everyone. I'm launching a gaming social network, and I was wondering if you thought it would be a good idea to restrict membership to adults. I'd be cutting off a large market, but would I be gaining any legal protection? Would there really be any benefits to doing this?

Thank you!

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dont know about the legalities but i know its damn annoying. I pllay online shooter games and im 17 and am annoyed with clans being unable to accept me because im under 18

As far as I know, you wouldn't be gaining any benefits from a legal perspective (unless you plan on showing anything X-rated or R-rated).

Just keep in mind that, by law, the user has to be at least 13 in order to fill out any forms or any personal information of any kind (even just a first name and email address).

yeah most gaming forums where there is bad or crude language etc... in the posts just say in the TOS that if you dont like it, get out.

If there's bad or crude language allowed, I'm not sure if there are legal restrictions. For example, in the U.S., if a movie is given an R rating (meaning at least 17 to see if not accompanied by an adult), then I'm not sure if you need to be 17 to read the same thing online that gave it an R rating in a movie.

Where will Zeroflowne be hosting? what country?

The United States.

Its gaming..why should it be 18+?

If its in US, then I think the law is for 18+ to play? Also keep in mind, you will may think about to put backlinks, or someone will may add links to adult sites. So if you take precaution from the beginning , it will be helpful and easier.

And of course, its a social network site.


Why would someone advertise XXX sites on a website not targeted towards the adult industry?

many sites for gaming clans feature ads for XXX sites

its not unusual

yeah its a matter of your board guidelines, basically have the rule "You enter at your own risk, anything that offends you is not our concern"

I do not think it is required, if you are having some xxx material just warn the user once if he continues I do not think you are legally responsible .

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