hello...me and this guy are two admins of these forums. i was the one who bought the domain name for the site...and the one who bought the license for the forum. he keeps claiming that he is a co-owner of the site, but isnt it just me? i know this sounds selfish, but i am just trying to claim what i deserve

basically...im asking what does it take to be deemed the "owner of a site" and in my case does that apply to me


oh also, i forgot to add...

does simply being an administrator of a site make you a co-owner?


i think the answer is no. IMHO Administrator is a job and that he is no more the owner than the manager of a hotel is.

i appreciate your opinion

anyone else willing to give their thoughts

I am one of two people with the title of admin here at DaniWeb, that does not make me the owner, co-owner or anything but, well, an admin.

In your case ownership rather depends upon the agreement that you two had when you created the forums. Just becuase you registered the domain and bought the license does not make you the sole owner of the forums if the thing was something both of you talked about, designed, created and eventually ran. Just becuase you have fallen out, or at least I assume so, does not mean that can discount his involvement. Of course, if you created it all, set it up, it was your idea and then you invited him along to help run things as an admin, then things are obviously more clear cut on the ownership argument.

I'll have to go with happygeek on this one.

anyway if you own the licence and the domain, you ultimatelty have the power to shut the site down.

anyway if you own the licence and the domain, you ultimatelty have the power to shut the site down.

But not, necessarily, the moral or indeed legal right to do so. It all rather depends upon the circumstances surrounding the creation of the forums in the first, any verbal or written agreements, understandings compunded by actions, and so on.

If this 'dispute' is more than just concern over someone else bigging himself up at your expense, and has an underlying business motive, then I would suggest contacting a lawyer who understands contracts, written or implied, and getting it sorted out sooner rather than later.

Surely it comes down to who 'owns' the domain (ie the name it was registered under) and the payer of the hosting bills. If it was a professional venture and it was set up under a company's name (that you both founded) then it would be a different situation, but as its just some forum and a domain it comes down to who's name is on the bill.

If Davey wanted a new car and I suggested he get a pink VW beetle with tiger-skin patterned seat covers; its still his car even though I had some input.

Too many people start businesses together on a handshake IMO.