I think it depends how big your forum is. Here at DaniWeb, we have a great moderation team put together, and we definitely keep tabs on problem members or potentially problem members. We're always on the lookout and we use extensive reporting tools to keep tabs.

However, we also get 1000 new members signing up a day, and it would not be feasable to start investigating and following around every one of them who uses a proxy server (especially since many access DaniWeb from work). We'd be following around a hundred thousand members just because they're using proxies, which is an inefficient use of time.

thse bloody spammers are on to me now


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number captchas are the easiest ones. they use them on invisionboards, however i think something has happened. I Have CAPTCHA turned on yet I still get spammers selling rolex's and something called "track1track2 dumps"

I HATE those captchas on rapidshare.

They are like "type only the characters that have cats sitting on them"


I HATE those captchas on rapidshare.

They are like "type only the characters that have cats sitting on them"


hahaha thats so true
....using rapidshare for legal reasons of course ;)

yeah, i dont pirate

i only use it for downloading skins/themes to make xp look like vista

haha no problems there

Back on topic,even if it wasnt me who started this topic, I have a problem too- Is there any way that spammers can bypass my captcha and still spam?

Yes - there are systems out there that can read some of the simpler captchas. You have to use a unique font.

the captcha I have is just numbers. And i cant even change that, sounds like I should contact invision

I'm not sure what the Invision community is like, but I would assume that someone out there has a hack/plugin for a better captcha.

yeah theres a new system called zetaboards that is run by the makers and it has a google like captcha
I guess I should just email them with the suggestion of having a better captcha for invision

This is one of the reasons "SPAM" that I closed down my forum.

I have had 5 spammers today

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