As the title of this thread says: 'Moneybookers or Paypal---Which one do you prefer and why?

To me, I would always prefer or recommend using paypal because it's just the best and is more commonly and widely accepted.Paypal is popular and most of the businesses online uses paypal as their payment system whereas Moneybookers is improving day by day and may be slowly but surely one day become the top but for now to me Paypal is at top.

So what do others here feel about this?Which one would you prefer and why?

PayPal because I've never heard of Moneybookers

I agree with Dani. I never heard of Moneybookers either. Just the name sounds a little slizzy to me.

I love paypal. I have never heard or tried moneybookers.

paypal also sounds better


I use Paypal 99% of the time, but I also have a Moneybookers account to handle my commission payments.

I have no problems with Moneybookers at all.