Xoom is a very fast and reliable money transfer system around the world by which you can send money to your friends and family securely and quickly just like the Western Union.The fees xoom charges is quite low compared to Western Union and that is why this system of transferring money is becoming very popular day by day.Xoom also supports paypal that means anyone who uses a paypal can upload the funds to their particular xoom account and withdraw the funds directly from you bank account or using xoom's pick up option if available at your nearest bank.

So has anybody here taken the service of Xoom?How much did you like it?Were you satisfied with its fees and support or service?I haven't used it yet so any helpful suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance for sharing your valuable views.

I think xoom not very good for Indonesian since they cannot be used in here so that I can transfer my cash with Xoom

Xoom is pretty good have used them several times

I always use WesterUnion or MoneyGram

I always use xoom even before because they have a fast transaction where you can get you money as soon as the sender sends the money. for about 20 minutes you can pick up the money, better pick it up that deliver it to your house for safer transaction

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