I have built two stores on Yahoo and one with Quick Shopping Cart from GoDaddy. I need suggestions from the community for other software or store hosts as I URGENTLY need to replace the GoDaddy one as it is useless and doesn't work properly in many aspects. The store's products are: services, hard goods, and downloadables, which must be able to be inventoried and include options (e.g., Size: Small, Medium, Large). The program must also support a charge for international shipping to ALL countries (not just Canada) and if possible have Quick Books integration, merchant account.

Can anyone suggest a product they have used successfully?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide me.

You could try one of the many open source e commerce software readily available. Joomla with virtuemart or Os commerce are two examples of widely used powerful and free e-commerce solutions. They are in PHP/MYSQL and you will be able to customize it to suit your needs. With regards to hosting rather than hosting packages that come with some online cart software should be avoided. Instead go for a regular shared hosting and install one of the open source e commerce software.

There are many ecommerce software availabel on the web. But I prefer highly is the Zeuscart software which is an open source and it a free GPL ecommerce shopping cart software that fulfill all your needs.you can check it out at http://www.zeuscart.com

There are lots good online store host in google. when you choose a cart, be sure it has a full back office management. It's important for you managing your online business regularly.

If you need to sell services, hard goods, and downloadables, which can be inventoried and include options (e.g., Size: Small, Medium, Large), so the best for you is Magento.

Quick Books integration is possible as well, but not easily.

Magento, Os commerce and Joomla with virtuemart should be the one's you must consider. They would surely solve your problem.

Actually, osCommerce is murder on inventory of optioned items. We're working on addressing that issue in our EOS Online Merchant branch right now.

Can also stand some improvement in terms of downloadable product support and service products for which time relative or recurring charges are generated. ..


I would highly recommend zeuscart which is the best shopping cart software to make your online business a easy and a profit earning one.http://www.zeuscart.com

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