Hi anyone,

I would like to know about Second Life? Can anyone explain about Second Life? It is really needed for me to know. By looking this links (http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20070319/default_full.htm), how can I know about Second Life? The following are my questions that I would like to know.

  • What is Second Life?
  • Why is Second Life successful?
  • What are the characteristics of majority of Second Life users? (For
    example: are they male or female?, how old are they?, what country
    are they from?, etc.
  • Who invented Second Life?
  • What are the technological, human, and financial resources need to
    support the Second Life infra-structure?
  • Is Second Life a profitable venture for the owners? For the users? If
    so how does it make money for the second life owners? and How do
    users make money?
  • What function does Second Life serve or cater to from the following
    perspectives: sociological, economical, and technological?
  • What are the key e-Commerce concepts apparent in Second Life?

Anyone Help me to answer my questions? I do appreciate you much if you answer my questions.:?: :?: :?:
PLZ,forgive me if i made some mistakes my post and Plz, do not ignore my post since I am still new member here. Thank you all

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From this, it looks like a game of some sorts to me.

it is a virtual world with a virtual reality with a real live applications,there you can buy and sell something to "enrich your virtual live' so that you can get Virtual appreciations and respect.but unfortunately for all the "virtual privileges it need "real money" that is traded "virtually

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