I have an very dynamic idea for a social networking and life organization site. I just do not have the adequate amount of money to get it started or enough web development skills to get it rolling.

What should I do? Is there money out there to be granted to someone with just an idea? Are there persons out their willing to work with me in creating this venture?

Any suggestions or remarks would be of great help. Thanks.

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If it's a very solid idea, there are indeed venture capitalists out there. But on the flip side, I started DaniWeb with no more than $10/month web hosting, and all money that was put into it was from revenue generated. So it IS possible to be successful without an investment. It just takes that much more hard work and dedication.

It's also not impossible to learn as you go. When I started DaniWeb, I had no idea what web development even was (literally).


Similar here. My host is dirt cheap - and I didn't know much about anything when I began.
Since delving into the deep, I've learned about php (not to any decent extent, but still, it's all about comprehending in your own time), how databases function, how to administer a site, how to generate a small income (ads) from it, and stuff like that... Some of my members have even willingly paid subscriptions to help keep the site going - subscribers get all ads removed from their view, so there's a good strategy...

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