What is the best way to locate web developers willing to go into a business venture with huge potential for a percentage of revenues versus upfront cash?

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Check out our marketplace and job offers sections. Also, a post on Craigslist, Monster, Dice, and other such jobs sites. If you're a LinkedIn.com user, you can also send a broad announcement of this type to your network.


I believe places like guru.com and getacoder.com can also be tried

I don't think that freelance websites would work in his case. He is looking for partners to share any future profit. Most freelance websites require you to pay someone for the job.


Stay away from freelancer website, they are full of amateurs. If you want the best, look for web design portfolios throughout internet. A great place to find these portfolios are through CSS website gallery sites.

However, versed web designers do not want a cut of potential profits....

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